Межкультурный тренинг Марии Тодосийчук “Doing Business with Russians” для учащихся из Индии

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Межкультурный тренинг “Doing Business with Russians” для учащихся из Индии в Институте государственного управления и предпринимательства УрФУ

Отзывы участников

It was excellent and very useful for me to understand other cultures. Shahrukh Mohammad Firoz Khan

Excellent impressions from the training. Learnt a lot today. Akanksha Kumari

This class was not boring. It was creative. The teacher communicated with students nicely. I like the teacher. The way she communicates and interacts. It was good. Zeeshan Rais

It was a fun class and I enjoyed the activities included in this training. I hope to have more of this class. Good luck. Keep it up! Sangay Zam

It was a great experience to be trained by Mrs. Maria. She is very polite. Mohammad Jony Sekh

Interesting class as comparing to other classes I had here. The teacher is so nice. Very interesting class. Love Preet Singh

Interesting class comparing to other classes. I learnt very much about the Russian culture. I enjoyed very much making presentation. Kapil Kapoor

This training program was enjoyable as well as helpful to know more about the Russians. Keisham Sandhya Devi

The important lesson that I have drawn from this training is that we are all different, but always we can find a way to balance situation and face up conflicts. It helped me to recognize once again some of my strengths and weaknesses. I learnt some techniques to solve some cultural conflicts and more about the Russian culture. Eder Cordero. Mexico